My Pledge to Horry County

I will tackle flooding in our neighborhoods.

I know firsthand the pain and damage caused by flooding, as my family's home was destroyed in 2016 in the flood waters of Hurricane Matthew. As we were working on building it back, it was flooded again in 2018, and a home that was in my family for generations was no longer a place we could call home. Sadly, this is only one story of many dealing with this issue.

The Horry County Council needs to ensure that any future development is taking into account flood mitigation on both new homes and those that have been there for generations; needs to ensure that deforestation isn't contributing to the problem (which includes working with builders to incorporate more green spaces into their plans beyond retention ponds); places a focus on clearing ditches and waterways of litter and debris; works with constituents and listens to their concerns; and prevents overdevelopment, particularly in areas that are known swamps or wetlands that should be preserved instead of built out.

I will fight to improve Horry County's roads.

Let's face it - Horry County's roads are shameful, and there's no excuse. With all of the new development happening in the region, the funds already exist that would allow us to begin mapping out repairing & repaving our roadways - no tax increases needed.

When elected, I will partner with our county employees and the SC Department of Transportation to fight for additional funding for our local roads, upgrade our main arteries, complete the widening of Forestbrook Road, and ensure that all future development takes into account impacts on our roads (which includes requiring traffic studies in our neighborhoods to minimize impact to our residents).

I will advocate for small businesses and work to bring new industries to the Grand Strand.

As a community volunteer and small business advocate, I know how difficult it can be for Mom & Pop businesses to make it in today's economy. We need proactive leadership on the Horry County Council that will cut red tape, partner with stakeholders to encourage growth, diversify the portfolio of businesses in our region to create new jobs and bring more opportunities for our residents, and enhance our business districts to welcome locals and tourists alike. Most importantly, we must stop unnecessary tax hikes that place a higher burden on our local business community and make it harder for residents to shop local. 

I will strongly support our Police, Fire, and EMS. Period.

Now more than ever, we need elected leaders who will stand with our brave first responders; they stand with our residents every single day and deserve a County Council who will stand with them! When elected, I will fight to ensure our first responders are always fully funded; that they have all the equipment they need to do their jobs efficiently & effectively; work on retention and recruitment; complete the new Horry County Police Precinct; and maintain a cooperative, not combative relationship with those who serve our communities.

I will ensure Horry County remains a place to love, not leave.

Whether you are a senior citizen or retiree who worked hard to make Horry County your forever home, a young family who chose the Grand Strand as the place to raise your kids, or are a lifelong resident (like Brandon) who has always called this place your home, we need a County Council who makes it possible for you to stay here for years to come.

We don't need to elect builders, developers, or individuals who profit from real estate transactions. We need to elect someone who will stand up to those special interests seeking to make Horry County into the overpopulated, overtaxed communities many people are moving away from. We need someone who will fight for affordability, lower taxes, and smarter planning.

I will fight for lower taxes and affordability

With inflation at an all time high, gas prices surging, and the cost of groceries breaking the bank, the last thing we need is a County Council that makes life harder for Horry County families. When elected, Brandon Skipper is committed to fighting to keep our taxes low; ensuring our county services and programs remain affordable; push the State to return more of our County tax dollars to our region; explore additional shared services, partnerships, and grant opportunities; and build a local economy that attracts more well-paying jobs & makes it easier for small businesses to survive and expand our tax base without overdeveloping.

I will be YOUR VOICE on Horry County Council - always.

Horry County deserves a county government as good as it's people. When elected, I'm committed to ensuring our residents have a voice in the decisions we make, because in the end, elected officials are there to represent and serve our communities above all else. That means a transparent and accessible County government; a voice fighting for affordability, lower taxes, and smarter planning; ensuring public safety remains a top priority; delivering respectful and responsive leadership; and ALWAYS putting the people ahead of special interests.


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